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Interview With Sebastián Perrier From Neko Games

Wondering about Neko Games bingo casino games provider? Check out this detailed Q&A session by CasinosHunter with Sebastián Perrier, the Founding Partner of Neko Games! Neko Games is one of the Microgaming partners, meaning you can expect high-quality and outstanding gaming ideas!

Founded in 2020 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Neko Games is an innovative online casino software developer that was previously focused mainly on the Latin American niche, but by now, its games are available also in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Neko Games is a partner of the globally famous and award-winning Microgaming studio. This means that software products by Neko Games are literally available worldwide, despite the fact that this is a very new company, and they still have few games in their collection.

At the time of writing, Neko Games make online bingo games, but their casino games are innovative and truly well-designed. Online casino gamblers will find everything in these games - themes, designs, soundtracks, mechanics, visuals, and of course satisfying and rewarding gambling experiences. Games by Neko Games are available both for desktop and mobile devices. The games are licensed by the UKGC and by MGA, which is a huge advantage, but moreover, these software products are also certified by eCOGRA.

Besides, Neko Games company also collaborates with the UK-based Velo Partners venture capital company, one of the companies that have been working in the eGaming industry for a long time. Considering that Neko Games finds itself in a good company or experienced and reliable partners, due to its team’s talent and innovative approach, this studio is considered top #10 in Brazil, Mexico, and Spain, and top #50 in Canada, in terms of popularity among online casino gamblers.

Q/A Session With Sebastián Perrier, the Founding Partner of Neko Games

Hello Sebastián! Happy to have you here at our Q&A session! For starters, could you please tell our readers a bit more about Neko Games?

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Neko Games is a casino games developer targeting existing and new online gaming markets.

I would like to know the story behind founding the Neko Games, and why exactly this name and logo were chosen for the company.

Neko’s three founding partners have been in the iGaming industry for over 10 years each, mainly working at casino operators.

There, we realized that most games were designed in Europe and for mature players, with high RTP and high volatility. We decided to create the games we needed to focus more on developing markets, such as Asia, Africa and Latam.

We got funding from Velo Partners and launched Neko Games in 2019. Both the logo and the studio’s first game are inspired by the Maneki-neko cat, a global symbol of good luck.

You are the first developer of Bingo games within our Q&A session series with online casino software developers. Could you tell us why you have chosen this very category of games to make?

There is a huge number of potential customers who are not hugely experienced in how online gambling works but would like to play. When new players in immature online markets are faced with sophisticated and feature-overloaded slot games, they are usually intimidated.

For new players, it’s more comfortable to start off with games they already know and understand such as bingo games.

What are the company’s main advantages? What makes Neko Games stand out among other software providers making Bingo games?

Neko Games specialises in creating games that transform a simple bingo mechanic into thrilling, rewarding, and fun adventures.

By adding more and unique bonuses, free balls, wilds, jackpots, mysteries and other great features, Neko is creating new types of video bingo games, which appeal to a greater number of players who might find current video bingo offerings a little boring.

You are one of the top suppliers of the Microgaming platform. What new advantages does this collaboration with Microgaming give to you?

Our games are distributed exclusively by Microgaming, which is one of the largest distribution networks in the world. Therefore, operators can get our games without requiring any API integration or signing additional paperwork; they just go to Microgaming’s Client Zone and in a few clicks can put our games into their casino lobbies.

How do you manage the issues connected to making your Bingo games available on mobile devices? I mean, you need to show so much info on the screen for the Bingo game, which can be overwhelming for a smartphone screen…

Very good question. We have taken a mobile-first approach since day one, both for portrait and landscape modes.

Yes, it was a big UX/UI challenge, but I believe we have managed to solve this problem with a very nice and neat mobile interface.

Our stats are also showing that players are enjoying playing our games on both mobile and desktop.

As far as I understand, adding any new features is quite difficult in Bingo games. It seems that such games can only differ in terms of their themes or gameplay. If this is true, and adding new features is problematic? What main attractions do you add to your games to make players interested?

Well, adding new features in any game can be a bit tricky as you need to balance RTP and player experience in the math. We have an internal math team, led by someone who holds a PhD in mathematics, who have specialized in adding new features without negatively affecting the player experience. Again, data is showing us that players in many regions enjoy our entertainment offering.

Each of our current games has its own math model and different features, which tie into the themes and stories that they rely on.

Currently, you’ve got three games in your portfolio. Can you please tell our readers more about each of them?

Sure. We like to call our first set of three games a “basic combo” of games that complement each other and work together really well. These games are Pachinko, Super Showball and Fu88.

As mentioned above, all games are aimed at new players or those with limited experience. Why? Because the bingo games’ mechanics are easy to understand! For example, the basic winning patterns are the same as in traditional bingo: complete one line, two lines or a full bingo ticket to win a prize. Also, because bingo is a globally-known and socially accepted game. While in immature markets there is a negative preconception about gambling as an entertainment proposal, bingo is typically seen as a more friendly game.

With this in mind, we created an initial set of three games, all for players new to the game, but for different profiles. While Fu88 is for more adrenaline-seeking players (it has higher prices and volatility), Pachinko targets recreational or time-on-device players. Then, in the middle of these two, players will find Super Showball, which has a mid-volatility and mid-prices of extra balls and prices. We completed our initial offering thinking about a wider variety of player profiles.

Thank you very much, Sebastián! It was a pleasure meeting you. Can I also ask you to tell our readers a bit more about what new titles we should expect from Neko Games in the near future?

In the near future, you will see our games having more global themes, more and exciting features and also branding with internationally renowned names. Thanks to the success of our initial titles, strong IP owners are trusting us with their assets to expand their brands into the video bingo category. We are very honored by this opportunity, and we believe that the best is yet to come.

*** CasinosHunter's UPD ***

At the time of writing this Q&A, Neko Games only have 3 games released, but actually there are three more to come in the nearest future. CasinosHunter was allowed to make a small announcement about these upcoming products.

Firstly, Don Bingote with the RTP rate of 95.05% and medium-high volatility, this game offers 4 jackpot variations and several different bonuses! Secondly, 1524 Golden Quest game, with the RTP rate of 95.74% - very high! - medium-high volatility, jackpots, and several levels of bonuses, this game features a beautiful Aztec-Spanish theme. And the last but not least, the result of an awesome collaboration with Microgaming, the Immortal Romance video bingo, offering 95.13% RTP rate, high volatility, numerous bonuses, and of course jaw-dropping visuals. We are excited to see these games, what about you?


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