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Who are RNG Foundry and what do we do?

RNG Foundry is a gaming accelerator which was set up to help start-up studios and aspiring studio founders.  It has been launched in association with Velo Partners, who are one of the most active investors in the casino content ecosystem.  The accelerator has grown significantly in the last five years and now counts a portfolio of over 12 studios in nine countries producing world-class content.


Where are we based?

Our portfolio of studios have a global presence with studios located in North America, South America, Europe and Australasia.


What can we offer?

In addition to capital, we offer market-leading distribution through the Games Global platform.  The RNG Foundry has assembled an exceptional array of technical resources and intellectual property lowering barriers to success for new applicants.  We provide access to an extremely powerful proprietary BI system which offers our studios insights into game design, technical optimization and game performance. We also provide regulatory sheltering for all major licensed markets.


What are RNG looking for?

We focus heavily on pedigree.  We typically like to support top game designers who have worked for established suppliers, looking to start their own studio.  Alternatively we also like studios who are struggling for distribution through some of the other smaller networks and can benefit from our offering.  It is favorable if the founding team has worked together previously and have a strong capability on the maths side of game design and we strongly believe in what we call a ‘slots nerd’ – a founder or executive who is passionate about slots design. 


What type of investment options are available?

RNG Foundry provides equity finance and we will work with you to understand your funding needs.


What if we don’t need/want investment?

We encourage all studios who could be interested in investment now or in future to get in touch.  Whether you are looking for funding immediately or in the future, we would like to meet you and find out more about your journey.


Who are Velo and what’s the relationship with them?

Velo Partners is a venture capital fund specializing in investments in mobile gaming and online gambling globally.  Velo Partners works in association with the RNG Foundry for investment opportunities.  Velo Partners is based in London, United Kingdom.


What’s the relationship with Microgaming?

All studios in the RNG Foundry are offered market-leading distribution through the Games Global platform. 


Do I need my own RGS to integrate?

Being part of the RNG Foundry removes the burden for all compliance, regulatory and infrastructure matters.  RNG Foundry studios are provided with a wide array of technical resources including access platform APIs, payment APIs, access to a certified RNG and access to an RGS system.


What’s the distribution reach available?

Market-leading distribution is available through the Quickfire platform, giving studios a global reach to +800 of the world’s leading gaming brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

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