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Exclusive Interview With iGaming Software Provider Of The Year 2020: GONG Gaming Technologies

Every year new providers come out on the market and some of them manage to stand out more than others for the quality and originality of their production.

GONG Gaming is among them. We could not miss the opportunity to interview them and ask something more about their work and especially about the upcoming releases. In this interview we will also talk about the partnership that GONG has signed with Microgaming, the goals achieved up to now and the games that have fascinated the public the most.

For those who still do not know GONG slot games and for all the curious, we remind you that we have a page dedicated to this provider where you can try all their free slots, without registration.

How would you describe Gong Gaming style? How do you think you stand out from other providers?

GONG Gaming style is a combination of two very different yet perfectly fitting together types of slots classical and innovative. We are able to smoothly blend the two and create the perfect synergy by taking the best of both worlds. The way we do that is by bringing together knowledgeable professionals from the gambling industry and young creative people with fresh minds. And this is what makes us unique the GONG family as we like to call it. We stand out because of the people that were carefully selected to join the team. Everyone has a special part in the whole process and is passionate about their work.

You have already signed a big partnership with Microgaming, a leader in the iGaming industry. Can you tell us more about this collaboration? How does Microgaming influence your production?

Microgaming is an industry leader in the gambling community and we are proud to be in a partnership with them. As an international giant, Microgaming has very well developed communication and distribution channels that assist us in reaching the global market for slot games. Due to such a powerful partner, GONG has been able to reach incredible success in such a short time.

You have already released 15 slot games in just over a year. We know that every single game requires several weeks of development. How do you keep your production so consistent?

As of September, we have launched 7 games this year and there are 2 more releases planned until the end of 2021 Royal League Zuma Riches coming out on 22nd November and Empire Shields going live on 6th December. The rest of the slots are scheduled for release at the beginning of 2022. There are several aspects that helped us in completing so many projects. First of all, we have team members that have been working in the industry for many years and know the gambling field inside out.

They understand the process of creating a new game well and are able to organise all activities in the right and most efficient way. This leads us to the second point, we are very punctual and have precise plans that coordinate all tasks and people. Everyone knows what their assignments are and what deadlines are upcoming. Another important aspect is communication and collaboration between all team members, we believe “teamwork makes the dreamwork”. And last but not least, we are very flexible and work well under pressure, whenever unexpected problems occur we always fix them in a timely manner.

What are the main features that players find in your games?

Our games have a wide range of features, which combine innovation to excite players and classics that are well-known among slot lovers. And in our efforts to be unique, even the classical features we develop have a “GONG feeling” to them. Our portfolio contains a wide variety of game mechanics so each player can find something they like.

One of the biggest attractions for players is the Increasing multiplier, part of the Map feature of Pirate’s Quest. The aim is to progress on the Map by collecting ship icons that get players closer to the next level. Reaching higher levels will increase the multiplier that is applied during Free Spins and lead to huge wins.

Royal League Jackpot is another feature that is loved and enjoyed by players. Royal League brings excitement, thrill and the opportunity to win big, so we have made a game series with it. A complementary feature to it is Golden Spins which increases the player’s chance to trigger Royal League Jackpot.

What are the results achieved so far you are proud of and what are your next goals?

For a young company, we are proud to say that we have achieved great results with our games. And this is all thanks to the smooth organisation we have in place making us productive. We have also managed to build a strong team of motivated people, working in a friendly and happy environment. Our employees are valued and appreciated as much as our partners. We are planning to change the landscape of the industry by developing new types of games and innovative slots that offer players exciting features. We will continue to launch games with original to GONG features, alongside the classical ones. That way we will maintain a healthy business and create products that grow sustainably to stay ahead of our competitors.

What are the most popular slots you have on your catalog up to now?

Pirate’s Quest is the most popular slot we have because of its innovative and distinctive features. With its Increasing multiplier in Free Spins, it became very attractive for players who are able to play out a very successful Free Spins session that brings them huge wins. Our most innovative game so far is Maya U Max™ for which we developed a unique GONG feature the U Max™ symbol. It is the main attraction of the game as it increases the number of ways up to 248832. And when we are talking about successful slots, we cannot miss mentioning our latest release Lucky O’Mega. We observe an incredible interest in the game and the number of people playing it in the first days after its release is something we are proud of.

Can you tell us about your next releases?

Our next release, Royal League Zuma Riches, will be live on 22nd November and is a great addition to the successful Royal League series. Its theme is the popular and legendary Ancient Aztecs that slot lovers find especially attractive. Underneath the professionally designed art, there are incredible game mechanics and various features Royal League Jackpot, Token collection, Golden Spins, Boost mode and Cash bonus.

On 6th December, right before the Christmas holidays, Empire Shields will be released. In it, the players will join the four warriors Diam, Vela, Galen, and Nura on their search for the empire’s treasures. The four warriors will guide the player towards huge wins with their shields attractive features Double Reel, Multiplier, Wild and Expanding Wild. On top of the base game, the slot includes Free Spins feature during which players may benefit from all shields and gain huge wins.


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