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Games Global and Wishbone Games Summon Ancient Mysteries in Ammit™ Slot Release

Ammit™ takes players on an ancient Egyptian adventure with the return of the beloved Link&Win™ feature for epic wins.


In a fascinating blend of mythology and slot innovation, Wishbone Games, under Games Global, unveils Ammit™. This slot journey invites players to explore ancient Egypt's riches, promising an engaging experience with unique features and jackpots.

Unearthing Ancient Riches

The collaboration between Games Global and Wishbone Games in Cardiff has brought about a new adventure into the mysterious world of ancient Egypt. The game, Ammit™, takes its name from the terrifying deity of Egyptian mythology and offers players the chance to spin through symbols of gold coins and pyramids, discovering treasures and secrets along the way. Ammit™ is unique not only for its captivating theme but also for its features of the acclaimed Link&Win™ function, adding to the excitement of the hunt for hidden treasures.

The Magic of Link&Win™

The heart of Ammit™'s allure lies in its innovative Link&Win™ feature, a fan-favorite that returns to offer players a chance at fixed jackpots through an engaging respin mechanism. Pyramids, symbols of eternal mysteries, sporadically grace the reels, revealing prize pots and additional winnings in bonus rounds. This feature activates when six or more coin symbols converge, launching players into a bonus round of three respins. Here, the challenge is accumulating more coins or pyramids, with each new symbol resetting the respins and lighting up the trail towards the grand prize.

Trail of Treasures

The journey through Ammit™ is laden with opportunities to amplify wins, where each winning combination featuring the Ammit symbol escalates the bonus multiplier, visible throughout the bonus round. The anticipation builds as players aim to illuminate the entire grid, with the grand prize awaiting those who can achieve this feat.

A Legacy of Innovation

Although Wishbone Games was a recent entrant in 2022, it has quickly established itself with a portfolio that spans classic, mythology-themed, and Vegas-inspired slots. Games like Blazing Seas, Blazing Lake, Hermes Bonanza, and Lucky Rumble™ showcase the studio's commitment to diversity and innovation. Ammit™ is a continuation of this tradition, crafted to captivate new and seasoned players with its simple yet engaging mechanics and the potential for lucrative multipliers during the bonus features.

Venture into the ancient mysteries with Ammit™ at trusted Wishbone Games online casinos, tested and approved by the OCR Team.

Forward-Thinking Collaboration

The collaboration between Games Global and Wishbone Games exemplifies a shared vision for delivering groundbreaking gaming experiences. Henna Vilmi and Andy Booth are enthusiastic about Ammit™, emphasizing its innovative mechanics and immersive gameplay. As Wishbone continues to develop exceptional content and Games Global champions the distribution of unique iGaming content, Ammit™ represents the latest milestone in their journey to redefine online gaming landscapes.

With a commitment to innovation, immersive gameplay, and a catalog boasting over 1,300 games, Games Global and Wishbone Games continue pushing online slots' boundaries, inviting players into worlds of untold riches and ancient mysteries.


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