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Infinity Dragon Studios Unleashes Gates of Asgard with Innovative Power Combo Feature

Infinity Dragon Studios, in exclusive partnership with Games Global, has taken the iGaming world by storm with the release of its latest slot game, Gates of Asgard Power Combo™.

This game is not just any addition to the Norse mythology-themed slots; it’s a groundbreaking innovation that introduces a trio of Link&Win™ features, all of which can be combined to unleash unparalleled gaming excitement.

Revolutionary Game Mechanics

Set against a 5×3 grid and boasting 40 paylines, Gates of Asgard Power Combo™ is designed to redefine player expectations. The game’s core attraction lies in its unique Power Combo™ scatter symbols – blue, red, and purple, each unlocking distinct Link&Win™ bonus rounds.

The blue scatter expands the grid, the red offers instant rewards and jackpots, and the purple scatter multiplies coin prizes. However, the real game-changer occurs when these scatters combine, offering players the chance to win up to 10,525 times their bet.

The Viking Valor Bonus Feature

Adding to the game’s allure is the Viking Valor Bonus feature, where collecting warrior symbols can trigger any single or combination of Link&Win™ features, further enhancing the potential for big wins. This feature not only adds depth to the gameplay but also immerses players in a narrative that complements the Norse theme perfectly.

The Studio Behind the Magic

Sydney-based Infinity Dragon Studios, known for its passion for creating unique slot experiences, has once again proven its prowess in game design. The studio’s focus on delivering engaging and innovative content is evident in Gates of Asgard Power Combo™, which stands as a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of slot entertainment.

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

Phil Mason, Head of Studio at Infinity Dragon Studios, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Games Global. “We’re excited to bring Gates of Asgard Power Combo™ to life, leveraging the power of Link&Win™. With our team’s dedication and expertise, we’ve crafted a game that encompasses big math, big mechanics and big entertainment.”

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, also shared his enthusiasm. “We are thrilled to introduce Gates of Asgard Power Combo to our customers and their players. Utilising the popular Link&Win™ mechanic, this game is the strongest release for Infinity Dragon Studios to date based on performance in the exclusive release period.”

Our Comment on the Article

The launch of Gates of Asgard Power Combo™ by Infinity Dragon Studios, in collaboration with Games Global, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of slot games. With its innovative Link&Win™ feature combination and the Viking Valor Bonus, the game sets a new benchmark for engagement and entertainment in the iGaming industry.

This venture not only showcases the creative capabilities of Infinity Dragon Studios but also reinforces the potential of collaborative efforts in pushing the envelope of game development. As the game gains traction among players worldwide, it is poised to become a classic in the realm of slot gaming.


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