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Interview With Andrea Schultz From SpinPlay Games

More exciting spins with SpinPlay! SpinPlay Games company is a software supplier to Microgaming, developing top quality slots and putting their players first. CasinosHunter wanted to know more about the driving force behind SpinPlay, and you can also learn more about games by SpinPlay, in this new Q&A with Andrea Schultz, Chief Product Officer!

SpinPlay Games company was founded back in 2019 with a team of 6 people, and growing to 17 by the year 2021. Based in Las Vegas, this company however takes advantage of many years of experience by every member of the team, and it shows! Being such a new company, SpinPlay Games has managed to become a supplying partner to Microgaming.

This fact alone means that the team has impressive skills and talent, and while at the time of writing this preview, they do not have that many online casino games in the portfolio, we are about to see more and more games by SpinPlay. As for the technology, mechanics, and designs, these are already top-notch.

One of the interesting things about SpinPlay Games is that the team creates the themes and designs based on the mathematical model they used for each particular game. This approach allows to provide the best user experience in terms of gameplay and wins, and at the same time, it helps the team to align the mechanics and the visuals smoothly. This way, the design does not mess with the mechanics, but the mechanics are represented better throughout the design.

On the other hand, SpinPlay takes effort to feature the themes which players like the most; a lot of research is put into an exploration of the players’ preferences to ensure that the visuals and the soundtracks of the games are satisfying.

And of course, the team constantly works on developing new unique features, like the Amazing Link™ feature represented in several online slots by now. This way, the gamblers will enjoy not only technologies by Microgaming but some unique solutions, as well.

To find out more about SpinPlay Games, check this new Q&A with Andrea Schultz, Chief Product Officer, by CasinosHunter!

Q/A Session With Andrea Schultz, Chief Product Officer at SpinPlay Games

Hello Andrea! Thank you for finding time to participate in our Q&A! Could you please tell our readers a bit more about SpinPlay Games?

Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to share more about SpinPlay Games. We are based in fabulous Las Vegas, NV and were founded back in 2019 with a team of six, which has grown to 17 strong.

SpinPlay is quite a young company, but your games do not look like they were made by newbies! Does your team include people with some experience in making online casino slots?

We are a new studio, but we bring a lot of experience with industry veterans that have worked in the social gaming, land-based gaming, and online casino gaming sectors over the last decade.

I spotted an interesting phrase on your website that goes “Our math models drive our design process”. Could you please tell our readers more about the role mathematical models play in developing your games?

Anton and Serena, SpinPlay Games’ founders, and I all started in land-based gaming as mathematicians.

We learned early in our careers that a math model is a vital component to create that great player experience and should be well represented throughout the design.

So, in our design process, we do rely on the math model to help us with deciding on the best theme, art, sounds, and timings for that game.

How would you describe SpinPlay’s partnership with Microgaming online casino games provider? Does Microgaming support small studios? Is there a sharing of best practices of some kind, or is it only about games distribution?

We are humbled to be part of the Microgaming family. They really respect our experience and opinions which allows us the autonomy to make and release our own designs. We do collaborate closely with the teams at Microgaming. We live all over the globe so the time zone differences can be tricky, but we all make it work.

Currently, you have seven games in your portfolio, and soon, another slot will be released. How many games per month (or per year??) can you make, and what are your plans on that aspect? I guess you’re placing more focus on quality than on quantity?

Quality is key. It’s important to us that casino operators and players can trust the SpinPlay Games’ brand and its products.

We are always looking to the future to understand our growth trajectory and how to ramp up production. In our first year, 2019, we focused on building the framework and team. After building the foundation, we released three games last year. Here in our third year we are releasing eight games. That growth is very exciting for us. So, by the end of 2021, we’ll have 11 games live. For 2022, our studio goal is to double that number by releasing 12 games.

Let’s talk a bit about your slots designs. I’ve noticed that half of your titles follow the ancient styles of different countries and mythologies. Do you intentionally develop this trend? Ancient Egypt and the Viking themes are very popular among slot developers; shall we expect some of your games made in these themes, as well?

Our theming decisions are backed by research. We are here to make games for players and want to give them the themes they have come to enjoy.

While these themes may be universal, it’s always fun to put the SpinPlay Games’ spin on it and can’t wait to do that with ancient Egypt and Viking themes.

The very first game by SpinPlay was Roman Power. I bet it is so exciting to make the very first release. Was the studio satisfied with how the game performed, and how the public accepted it?

We were so excited to get our first release out and still are so appreciative of the players that have enjoyed Roman Power. As a start-up, we put a lot of value into taking the time at the beginning to learn our engine and work on building our culture. It’s intentionally a very simple game that allowed us the opportunity to learn how to make a game in the Microgaming environment and use those learnings to ramp up game development to where we are now.

Almighty Aztec is another one of the first and one of the most popular games by SpinPlay. Could you please tell our readers more about this game and how it was created?

Almighty Aztec was a fun one to make, and we take delight in players loving Quetzalcoatl just as much as we do. It’s exciting to see him fly across the screen dropping wilds and watching them expand to create those great wins. This being our second game, we wanted to push our engine and make a simple to understand yet more complex game than Roman Power. From that goal came Almighty Aztec with Quetzalcoatl cheering us all on.

As far as I know, on August 31st, SpinPlay is to release a new game called Amazing Link™ Apollo. What cool features in this game are to attract online casino players?

You are correct. It’s our second release in our successful Amazing Link™ series.

Similar to Amazing Link™ Zeus, the focus is the Amazing Link™ feature. Amazing symbols, the real hotshot of the game, return in Amazing Link™ Apollo as blazing golden suns. Landing six of these will trigger the Amazing Link™ feature, where the player has the chance to fill the screen with potentially epic cash prizes.

Amazing Link™ Apollo has a unique free spins feature designed to trigger the Amazing Link™ feature multiple times within the free spins with upgraded reels that contain only Wilds and Amazing symbols. Upon triggering, players get to choose the number of upgraded reels and free spins. Additional reels can be upgraded during the free spin session making for one amazing experience!

Have there already been any big wins on SpinPlay’s games? If yes, could you tell us the sum of the win, and what slot was it?

Many players have won that 5,000x Mega jackpot on Amazing Link™ Zeus. And just this week we had a player win a massive €290K+ Major jackpot* on 9 Blazing Diamonds WowPot™, the biggest to strike on the progressive jackpot slot to date! But, with an incredible €2 millions starting seed, we’re really looking forward to our first WowPot™ top-tier progressive win.

It was a pleasure discussing games with you, Andrea! Maybe you could just tell us a little bit more about what other games by SpinPlay shall we expect in the future, except Amazing Link™ Apollo?

Thank you again for this opportunity.

Our latest release, Alice in WildLand, went live at the end of last month. The gameplays out on two reel sets and focuses on stacks of wilds and multipliers.

Later in the fall, Mustang Riches will debut our new BlazingWays™ feature, where players collect coins to grow the number of BlazingWays™ to win. It goes live on 9 November.

Closing out the year on 7 December we have our third release in the Amazing Link™ series, Amazing Link™ Riches, bringing a charming Irish theme into the mix.


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