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Q&A on Witch Feature Slot by GONG

Kia Balova, Product Owner at GONG, and Joe Wyatt-Jones, Head of Sales at GONG, agreed to tell us more about the new slot game by GONG. Find out more about the features and perks of the Witch Feature slot by GONG, a special release for this Halloween, in the new Q&A by CasinosHunter.

Witch Feature Slot Overview

he new slot “Witch Feature”, released by GONG to inspire the Halloween celebration in 2022 for all gamblers, is truly a masterpiece in terms of mechanics and bonus features.

The slot has a medium volatility level, which makes it acceptable for players with lower budgets and higher budgets alike. At the same time, the RTP rate for this game is higher than average, 95.85%, making it potentially very profitable in the long-term play.

The slot is completely mobile-optimized and supports 30+ languages thus being available to gamblers from very different countries. However, its main strength is its features.

The in-game features of the game include High Symbols Respin, Random Wilds Respin, Multiplier Respin, Mega Wild Respin, Free Spins, and Explosion, all united in a unique approach. Find out more about them in the interview below.

Title - Witch Feature

Developer - GONG Gaming

Game Type - Video Slot

Release date - Oct 19, 2022

RTP rate - 95.85%

Volatility level - Medium

Reels - 5

Paylines - 50

Min. bet - 0.5

Max. bet - 80

Max. win - 240,000.00


  • High Symbols Respin

  • Random Wilds Respin

  • Multiplier Respin

  • Mega Wild Respin

  • Free Spins

  • Explosion

Q&A Session With Kia Balova and Joe Wyatt-Jones

Hello and thank you for taking part in the Q&A! Let’s discuss the new slot by GONG Gaming called Witch Feature. The legend of the slot claims that the magical potions made by the Witch to make people rich are the strongest on Halloween.

This is an awesome story because people love magic. Is there a specific story that inspired the creation of such a mystic casino game? Was it created specifically to be released around Halloween?

Kia: Hi, and thank you for giving us the chance to share a bit about our next release. We are very excited to share with the readers of CasinosHunter some insights about our Halloween release - Witch Feature.

We are very lucky that we got the chance to perfectly sync the theme of Witch Feature with Halloween. Our idea from the beginning was to develop this game for the holiday of the dead. We find the spooky season quite inspiring, with various theme opportunities, and so the witch was born.

How long did it take to create the slot?

Kia: I can’t really measure how long this project lasted as we develop and work on several games at the same time. It was quite the challenge for our team but each minute spent on this project was worth it.

Our team gained extremely valuable experience while working on Witch Feature, and everyone improved in their field of expertise. We are not scared to experiment, and each time something does not work out we strive to improve our skillset to find a solution.

We always prefer to spend as much time as possible to polish a slot rather than rush to release it.

What was the hardest part of creating the game?

Kia: As with each slot, the most difficult part of the project is to find the perfect balance between beautifully designed art and great mechanics. Creating a product that is successful is quite hard, especially when so many other companies are doing the same. The goal is to stand out from the crowd. In my opinion, our biggest strength is the incredible teams of professionals that work together towards overcoming any difficulties. Everyone is hard-working and very dedicated to creating amazing slots that will entertain and excite all kinds of players.

What are the main features of the game? There is a base game and a Risk Game, is that correct? Please tell us how the features like Free Spins and Explosion will work for the player.

Kia: Risk game? Okay, let me explain the game mechanics. We all know how Free Spins basically work, you land a symbol combination to trigger them, and you get awarded a number of Free Spins. In Witch Feature this feature is a bit different than in other slots. During the session, each Potion feature will trigger at least once, which increases the winnings and makes the Free Spins more exciting, in my opinion.

Explosions are something that will surprisingly trigger during the base game. Question marks fly and land on the reels, quite mysterious, in my opinion and definitely attention-grabbing. The Question marks will be substituted by high-paying symbols for greater payouts. And who wouldn’t like a random feature trigger that brings higher wins?

We see that Potion features all contain Respins - one of the most favorite slot features that gamblers like so much. Can you tell us more about each Potion?

Kia: Yes, you are right, that Respins is one of the most loved features by players. That is the reason why we developed so many different Respins for the game, so lovers of the feature can enjoy the game to the max. All Potion Features are triggered by a predefined combination of potion symbols and award a respin that is enhanced in some way.

In High Symbol Respin, dark magic removes all low-paying symbols for a spin with higher payouts.

During Mega Wild Respin, under the spell of the Witch, Wilds become bigger and bring mega wins.

Multiplier Respin awards up to x10 multiplier, increasing the respin’s winnings.

When Random Wild Respin is triggered, several random Wilds will magically appear on the reels.

What, in your opinion, is the most exciting feature or characteristic of this slot? What makes it stand out from other Halloween slots? What do you think players will most enjoy about this game?

Joe: As already mentioned before, we think that the Respins will be the most enjoyable feature for players. Their variety really makes the game unique, and collecting the right combination of potion symbols can be quite exciting. For me, the most intriguing and fun feature to trigger is the Mega Wild Respin, where 1 or 2 jumbo Wilds, of up to 3x3 size, will appear on the screen.

What markets will have access to the new game?

Joe: This game is going to several markets from all around Europe and all the way to Canada. We want to reach as many players as possible from all around the world. With each game, we strive to increase the number of markets we distribute our games to and entertain as many people as possible.

Tell us more about the marketing and delivery of this slot, what are the main challenges?


Witch Feature has gone down extremely well with operators.

I guess the initial bottleneck we stumbled across was presenting a game with a new math model that operators aren’t familiar with. Casinos are prone to lean towards games that are based on successful ones, which generated them lots of revenue previously. Most of my conversations with operators start by discussing which game is the new one based on. The way around this is to simply show them the features in action and let them make up their minds as to whether it will resonate with their player base. Luckily for us, most operators were delighted and excited about the gameplay and overall feel of Witch Feature.

Are there any specific localisations for the game to fit certain markets?

Joe: This game will be released the same for all markets, and it was not amended in any way to meet any specific needs. It’s a quite universal game that would fit most regulations. Of course, this is less hassle for us and that way all players, no matter where they are situated, can enjoy the features.

What customization is possible for this slot if we are talking about online casinos?

Joe: We usually don’t really do customisation for our games we want all players to be able to enjoy the whole experience. Of course, if we are required by regulation or asked by an operator, we are open to working on a custom slot.

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