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Retro Aliens & Heroic Quests: Inside 'Galactic Invaders' with PearFiction Studios

Now and then, a game strikes the perfect balance. It finds the perfect equilibrium between volatility and payout frequency and sets out the ideal symmetry between classic and modern game design.

Could Galactic Invaders be the next such slot?

The latest release from PearFiction Studios is causing a stir in iGaming circles thanks to its innovative and exciting gameplay and pulsating bonus round.

We spoke to Janine Copperstone, Senior Marketing Manager at PearFiction Studios, to get the full lowdown on a slot from out of this world!

Could you share the inspirations behind selecting a galactic theme reminiscent of the late 90s for this game?

This game is a delightful fusion of retro aesthetics and innovative gameplay, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of classic gaming with a modern twist. Transporting players back to the nostalgic era of 1950s America, Galactic Invaders™ immerses them in a world of black-and-white fuzzy TVs, old-town diners, and the unmistakable charm of retro 90s artwork.

But there's a twist – this quaint setting is under attack by a horde of mischievous aliens! From the moment players hit spin, they're greeted with pixel-perfect graphics reminiscent of classic arcade games. The game's retro soundtrack sets the tone for an epic adventure, while its engaging storyline unfolds against the backdrop of a small-town diner facing an otherworldly invasion.

The characters in this slot game are intriguing. Could you tell us more about their roles and how they contribute to the game's narrative?

In Galactic Invaders, our characters are more than just symbols on the reels—they're integral to the immersive narrative and engaging gameplay experience.

At the forefront of the backstory is Rachel Page, a spunky heroine armed with a shotgun and a heart of gold. When her fiancé Robert is abducted by the nefarious alien leader, Zerk, Rachel springs into action, embarking on a daring mission to rescue him. Along the way, she encounters General Smith, a grizzled military commander rallying troops against the alien threat. With solidarity and determination, Rachel faces off against Zerk's minions, navigating through challenging obstacles and daunting foes.

But Rachel isn't alone in her quest. With the support of her fellow soldiers and the unwavering determination of the human spirit, she confronts Zerk and his minions head-on. Each character contributes to the game's immersive storyline and captivating gameplay experience. Zirk, the green alien symbol, can bring instant cash prizes and thrilling winning combinations. Blaze, the fiery red alien, triggers respins, offering players another chance to win big. Luna, the clueless pink alien, introduces a split feature, expanding reel size and creating more opportunities for victory.

Together, these characters form the backbone of Galactic Invaders, shaping the outcome of the cosmic conflict and enhancing the player's journey. Whether players are strategizing with General Smith, cheering on Rachel, or facing off against Zerk, each character adds depth and excitement to the game. With its compelling narrative and innovative features, Galactic Invaders offers players an unforgettable gaming experience that transports them to a world of cosmic adventure and excitement.

The game offers generous free spins and a unique 'FreeSpins Wheel' mechanic. How do these features enhance the player's experience?

The Free Spins wheel is like a bonus within a bonus, giving players an extra shot at potential rewards. It adds an element of surprise and anticipation as they spin the wheel, eagerly waiting to see what exciting bonuses and wild multipliers they might unlock. It's a game-changer that keeps players on the edge of their seats and amps up the excitement of the whole experience!

During the free spins rounds, the atmosphere and surroundings change dramatically. What's the story behind these changes?

During the free spins rounds in Galactic Invaders, players are thrust into the heart of the alien invasion as the atmosphere and surroundings undergo a dramatic transformation. As night falls over the town, the once-peaceful streets are now ablaze with fires, and the chaotic sounds of battle fill the air.

The change in graphics serves to intensify the player's experience, signalling the transition to a new and exhilarating level of gameplay. It's a visual and auditory cue that distinguishes between the base game and the free spin rounds, heightening anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead.

Overall, the dynamic changes during the free spins rounds in Galactic Invaders are designed to captivate players and keep them on the edge of their seats as they spin the reels and fight for cosmic wins amid an otherworldly invasion.

Many of us love the good old conspiracy - what do you think - do aliens exist? How does this belief or skepticism shape the game's universe?

While some may doubt their existence, I've always been fascinated by the idea of aliens. There's just something captivating about the unknown, you know? And I'm a firm believer that we are just a grain of sand in a universe with infinite possibilities of whatever else there is out there. In our game, Galactic Invaders, we wanted to capture that sense of wonder and curiosity. Whether you're a true believer like me or more on the skeptical side, our game offers an adventure that lets you explore the battle of an alien invasion like no other.


You don't have to believe in aliens to get the best out of what is an exciting, gripping, and unique slot from the creative minds at PearFiction Studios. Head to one of our recommended casinos to spin the reels in a free demo mode.


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