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RNG Foundry Interview With Just For The Win

1. Brief history of the studio.

Just For The Win was born in 2016. Based on industry veterans from both the game studio and operator sides. Our mission was to make games that people would enjoy.

2. Tell us about your studio personality and style direction?

We are a Swedish based, multicultural company that moves fast. Creating slots with solid aesthetics combined with reliable mechanics, both of which require skill, time and knowledge to execute.

3. Why did you choose to seek funding from RNG Foundry?

I think we are unique, if not privileged, to be found. Just For The Win chose to go with RNG Foundry because of a shared passion for making great games better and faster.

4. How was the investment and subsequent onboarding process?

The investment and onboarding process ran smoothly and without issues.

5. What’s it like working with RNG foundry?

RNG Foundry are reliable and very easy to communicate with. They know how to run their business, give guidance when asked, and give room to breathe and focus when needed.

6. What have been or are your biggest challenges?

Moving parts. Combining years of experience and points of view to generate something that has the inherent challenge of communication. Learning to get the best out of multiple entities is a very welcome but ongoing challenge.

7. What are the main benefits to you by being part of RNG Foundry?

The reach, experience and knowledge of RNG have significantly reduced our time to market.

8. What are your main goals for the studio going forward?

Our main goal for our studio is to keep making great games, faster and better.

9. What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learnt since being part of RNG Foundry?

A lesson learned is to be on your toes, agile and prepared to move fast when an opportunity shows itself.

10. If you could give one bit of advice to a studio seeking funding from RNG Foundry, what would it be?

See benefits above. The guidance and knowledge from RNG have helped us and many others greatly.


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